Traveling with a friend is always more fun

Everyone knows travel can be stressful, especially when you throw a pet into the mix. We can help make your trip as smooth as possible with our solutions. We have everything from airline-approved kennels to soft-sided crates for everyday portability.

Check out some of our products:



We’re very happy to carry award-winning Sleepypod products. Sleepypod believes your pets deserve the best and they aim to provide the most secure and comfortable products for pets at home and on the go. Their carriers are multi-functional and have a variety of options which gives you a high level of customization (which translates into a happy pet).

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Sturdi Products

Sturdi was founded on the principle of decreasing the stress of both pets and people by designing better products for use when traveling with pets. The Sturdibag is the perfect choice when flying with a pet in-cabin. The bag has multiple entry points and privacy screens, locking zippers, and a unique Flex-Height support system that allows the bag to compress, but not collapse.

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Noz2Noz Soft Crates

Soft-sided crates are wonderful for travel or at home. Noz2Noz kennels are our favourite brand of soft-sided kennels given how easy they are to set up (it truly takes only a few seconds), their rounded corners for safety, and their durability. They are well-ventilated and have three entry points (top, front, and side). Popular with dog-sport competitors, Noz2Noz crates are made to travel from home to wherever you and your pet end up.

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The right nutrition
for every lifestyle.

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Organic, eco-friendly pet bedding. From plush pillows to billowing blankets...

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