Outdoor enthusiast or funky fashionista?

Whether you’re looking to keep your dog warm while hiking and camping, dry during rainy season, or just fashionable in a fabulous collar, we’ve got you covered from nose to tail. In addition to clothing, collars, harnesses, and leashes, we also carry cooling coats for the hot months, life jackets for swimmers, boots to protect feet from salt and cuts, lighted collars for visibility, and i.d. tags.

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Chilly Dogs Clothing

Chilly Dogs Quality Clothing

Made in Canada with North American fleece, Chilly Dogs coats are one of the best choices for your west coast pup. There are a wide range of sizes to fit Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Chilly Dogs gear is held to the same high standard you would expect from your own outdoor apparel. The line includes cold-weather winter coats, rain coats, fleece sweaters, terry cloth coats, and snoods.

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Wonder Walker

Wonder Walker Body Halter

With the potential to damage your dog’s neck, trachea, and thyroid gland by using a collar to walk your dog, the Wonder Walker Body Halter is a much wiser choice. The Wonder Walker is a front-attaching harness, which allows you to persuasively guide your dog in the direction you want him to move. There is no acclimation period, no potential damage to the dog’s neck, and no pain. With minimal pressure, the Wonder Walker diminishes common pulling behaviors and helps eliminate jumping and lunging while on leash.

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Glowdoggie Safety Collars

If you’ve been down to Dallas Road at night, you’ve probably seen our favourite glowing collars. The Glowdoggie LED collar is a German-engineered, lighted dog collar that is revolutionizing the way dogs are seen and kept safe at night. This collar is extremely robust, 100% waterproof (not merely water-resistant), and guaranteed with a limited 2-year warranty. At home in the harshest of climates and used by K-9 Search & Rescue units around the world, Glowdoggie dog collars are the perfect way to keep your dogs seen and safe, whatever the conditions - along city streets, off leash in the park, on your property, out in the countryside, or on the water.

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