Everything to clean your pet (and their messes)

All natural shampoos and conditioners, grooming tools, and fun fragrances along with eco-friendly cleaners for those accidents. Your four-legged friends will be set for any occasion, whether it’s back from the beach or heading out on the town.

Check out some of our products:

Happy Tails

Happytails Grooming Products

Happytails line of grooming and health-care products are some of our favourites! They use a coconut based surfactant in all of their shampoos - no SLS, no parabens, and no detergents. Just a gentle effective clean. If you have an itchy dog, a dog with allergies, or skin issues. Happytails has an entire line of shampoos that will help. They also make a very popular herbal calmer, and all-natural toothpaste.

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The right pet nutrition
for every lifestyle.

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From outdoor enthusiasts to funky fashionistas...

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